About Cam Rogers

Cam Rogers is a novelist, game writer and screenwriter. Cam has written for games such as Quantum Break and The Walking Dead: No Man's Land. He is currently the writer on Warframe.

Born in Australia, he's been a crime reporter, journalist, vampire extra, and stand-up comedian. He once spent weeks cutting up chicken in a steel room with a defecting Soviet weightlifter and almost got trapped working for the Yakuza in an all-gay bowling alley in Kyoto. He currently lives and works in Canada.

Neil Gaiman said of his debut novel:

“A nightmarishly imaginative debut from a writer of real assurance and vision . . . Cameron Rogers is going to go places.”

His novels include 'The Music of Razors' (written as Cameron Rogers) and 'Quantum Break: Zero State'. Resting bitch face, enormous capacity for joy, likes cats.


Quantum Break: Zero State

Jack Joyce spent six years trying to escape—escape his life, escape time, escape the madness of his brother, Will. But when he finally returns home, it turns out his brother isn’t quite so mad. Will has created a time machine, one with the potential to save humanity. War? Preventable. Natural disasters? Stoppable.

Except for one tiny problem… his machine will also cause the end of time as we know it. Now Jack has just one chance to turn back time, to fix what was broken, to save the world.

The Music of Razors

In nineteenth-century Boston, a young doctor on the run from the law falls in with a British confidence artist. Together and with dire consequences, they bring back to the light something meant to be forgotten.

A world away in London, an absent father, haunted by the voice of a banished angel, presents his daughter with an impossible friend: a clockwork ballerina.

For two centuries, a bullet-removal specialist has wielded instruments of angel bone in service to a forgotten power . . . and now he vows to find someone else to shoulder the burden, someone with a conscience of their own, a strong mind, and a broken will. For a hundred years he has searched for the perfect contender, and now he has found two: a brother and a sister. Walter and Hope. Either will do.



Available on PC.

The Walking Dead:
No Man's Land

Available on PC.

Quantum Break

Available on Xboxand PC.